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Fat Decimator Diet Review


You’ve probably heard the same things as everyone else. That you should lose weight slowly. Most people recommend that you shed the pounds at about 1 to 2 pounds a week. Being in the military, I don’t like doing anything slow. I like to get things done. You may be the same!

How many people do you know that have the patience to lose weight that slowly? This is exactly why most people will fail in their diets – because they work too slowly! This was definitely the case for a lady I helped named Sharon – more about her later.

If you want someone to have success, then I fully believe that they need to be able to SEE their results in the mirror and feel their results, so they know it is working.

When you use The Fat Decimator System, you are going to see results and you are going to see them FAST. I am talking real results on the daily.

Just imagine being able to t into clothes that you haven’t t into for YEARS! Imagine feeling amazing because you were just able to go buy a new pair of pants at a lower size. And even more than that – imagine that it did not take you 6 months to do it!

The lady – Sharon – that I referred to earlier lost 41 pounds in just a few weeks. And no, she was not some “young kid” that had all of the energy in the world. Sharon was a 43-year-old lady that had serious challenges she had to overcome.

You are going to learn more of the truth about how we gain and lose weight than most people alive today. Get ready to be blown away.

I couldn’t help but share the information I pretty much stumbled across through a painful series of events when I was deployed in Afghanistan. I know they helped Sharon along with many of my men and I couldn’t keep it a secret once I saw how amazing the results were.

Don’t worry about this being another one of those “fad” diets where you get results and then everything goes downhill from there.

Everything that you are going to read in this book has been proven by science.

Besides that, it has already been proven because it has literally gotten results for thousands of people already!

You are going to learn about your hormones, biology and how the body processes, uses, burns and stores fat. This means that you are going to be able to take control of your body.

Remember that I mentioned earlier that some people believe that losing weight quickly is dangerous? Maybe you are one of those people that believe that, or at least have been told that.

I’m not entirely sure where that rumor got started, unless it was by companies that wanted to keep you on their “magic” products for a longer period of time. The truth is that the longer you have the excess weight on your body, the more dangerous it is for you.

When it comes to losing weight safely, you want to think about HOW the weight is lost, not how quickly the weight is lost.

I am glad that we speak about this now because The Fat Decimator System is going to allow you to shed the pounds quickly and safely without depriving your body of any of the nutrients that it needs.

NBC’s hit show “The Biggest Loser” doctor Michael Dansinger states that people can lose 20 pounds of weight in one week if it is done correctly.

The good news is that The Fat Decimator System can show you how to get it done correctly.

No more fighting with your cravings, starving yourself and still seeing no results. Sharon Monroe felt the same way before I introduced this system to her. The truth is that her family almost lost her because of her weight, but because of The Fat Decimator System, that wasn’t her and it doesn’t have to be you either.


The Fat Decimator System is divided into 4 parts.

1. The Diet – The Fat Decimator System is a diet that consists of three different phases that are all one-week long. During week one, you will usually see about ten pounds drop. You will get the information you need to learn how to lose one pound of body fat or even more per day by simply changing the foods that you eat. If you want major motivation, just get through this first week and you will see what is possible.

2. The Workouts – I don’t know about you, but many people I see just can’t deal with the workouts that some programs require them to do in order to lose weight. This leads people to utterly fail! You won’t find that with The Fat Decimator System. When you follow The Fat Decimator System you only need to work out for 20 minutes a few times a week and you will still burn fat. You will actually double the amount of weight you lose on the system if you exercise rather than just following the diet. There are two different workouts in The Fat Decimator System. You can choose one that you can do at the gym, or the home workout routine. The home workout routine only requires your body weight and one single piece of equipment. Whatever you decide, you are going to get the best fat decimating workout ever.

3. Supplements – The supplement report gives you an overview of
some of the most popular diet supplements on the market today. This information includes reviews of supplements that are not included in
The Fat Decimator System itself.

4. Motivation & Mindset – If being overseas in war taught me anything, it taught me that you have to have the right motivation and the right mindset. With this system, you will learn how to focus your energy and achieve your goals.


The reason we have given you this report is to get you past all the u and hype that
is out there in the market. Our goal is to reduce the confusion and eliminate the nonsense so that you can get rid of your stubborn body fat and right away!

Even if you just worked on being faithful to the diet itself, you would be able to lose around one pound of body fat each day.

Weight loss is purely a matter of science.
Our biological makeup is the main thing that determines how we gain and lose weight. By the end of this article, you will understand more about your body
– hormones, how they react positively and negatively with nutrients you eat to either help you lose weight or help you gain weight.

Instead of having to be on yo-yo diets and feeling like a failure, you will get real results and feel amazing. My goal is for this to be the last weight loss guide you will ever need. You will get information that is right at the heart of the matter instead of having to wonder about what to do next. With my men, they always knew what to do. They always knew what the next step was and because of it, they were able to achieve their goals.

The Fat Decimator System will help you do the same. Even though terrible things happened in Afghanistan, I am grateful that I was able to go because now I have been able to help thousands of people turn their lives around and you can be one of the next people. There is only one truly effective way to shed pounds and get rid of fat and the information needed is in this book.


Besides the fast weight loss you will experience when you use this diet, you will also see other great bene ts.

Imagine having a whole new understanding of how weight is lost and being in control of your weight for the rest of your life. That is what you will experience once you have gone through The Fat Decimator System.

If at any time you start to gain weight and get larger because you have eaten less healthily than you should, you will be able to take the weight o on demand because of the knowledge you will have gained.

One of the biggest challenges with dieting is that weight comes o slowly, but not in the case of The Fat Decimator System. You will see that you lose weight much faster than any other diet claims to be able to achieve. Imagine almost one pound or even more than one pound per DAY!

Want to double those results? You can use the workout!

There are many reasons you may want to lose weight quickly. Some of the most popular ones are weddings, dates and high school reunions. Sometimes there is no special event. Many times people are in the fashion or entertainment industry and just need to get rid of those pounds ASAP.

Whatever your goals are, you will be good to go with The Fat Decimator System.


According to popular research, most people that are overweight are lugging around an extra 10 to 20 pounds of body fat on various areas of their bodies. This causes a very unflattering look but often doesn’t give people enough motivation to move their bodies and get the fat gone.

The truth is that people do want the fat gone, just like Sharon did, but they have tried so many things that just did not work and they are tired of putting in the effort and seeing no results. Most diets fail!

Why do most diets fail? Most of the time it is because they go so slowly that people have no idea if they are working or not, so they just quit. The slow, boring and painful way to weight loss does no one any favors.

Instead of going through those painful and boring weight loss routines, you can now use The Fat Decimator System that will knock the socks o those other programs by doing in 3 weeks what most programs take 6 months to achieve!

This program was designed to be a fast x for burning 10 to 20 pounds of unwanted body fat. When you start to see results quickly, it is easy to keep going.

You will notice that you start to get a snowball effect when you get great results because you keep working towards your goal, and then the compound effect kicks in.

When you lose that many pounds in just a week, you will feel like a new person, act like a new person and be able to aunt your amazing new physique!


Researchers have told us that it takes around 21 days to develop a new habit. This means if you eat healthily, work out or perform some other new activity for 21 days straight, it will become a habit.

Often when we try to create a new habit in our lives, we look at it as something that is overwhelming. Instead of thinking about sticking with this new habit forever, just focus on doing it for the first 21 days.

When you start the new habit and set your expectations, just say to yourself that you can do anything for 21 days. Trick your brain into being fine with getting started. You can even tell your brain that once the 21 days is over, that it will be able to go back to the old way of doing things. It’s just a trial period.

While your brain is okay with the trial, little does it know that it is forming new neural pathways once it sees how the new habits are bene ting your life.

The extra pounds that you have released will make it easier for your body to get around so your brain is going to link the new activity with ease of movement. You will also have increased energy which will be a positive for your new habit and your brain’s compliance.

The way that you look once you have this new beautiful body will also be a great motivation for your brain to be fine with the new arrangement.

I am not going to say it will be easy, because bad habits can hang around in your brain for your entire life. You need to be on the lookout for your old thoughts that are coming back to roost.

Take it from me. I have seen my men form new habits in just 21 days. After they have seen great results, bad food is not so enticing. Not only will you be burning fat, but you will be able to get a new and positive list of habits such as good eating and exercise. This way, you will be able to have the body that you have always wanted.

I know it is possible because I have helped thousands of people with this same system!

Start Loosing Weight Today!


When we are going on a diet, we usually use the term “weight loss”. While losing the numbers on the scale could be exciting, you need to think more about losing fat and making sure you aren’t losing any lean body mass.

When you are focused on losing weight, you don’t worry about where the weight loss is coming from. You could be losing things that you need like organs, bone or muscle, and still consider yourself to be winning because the number on the scale is going down. That is not the best way to go about things because totally fasting and not eating anything will give you weight loss, but it could also lead to sickness and even death.

If you go the fasting route, your body will be getting about 80- 90% of its energy from its own body fat, which you may be happy about. The only catch is that when your body goes without protein for several hours, its own protein stores begin to be attacked. When it gets to this point you are looking at organ malfunction and inability to move. If this continues it could take you on to death.

While there are some weight loss programs that help people achieve some significant weight losses, one of the problems is that they do not go about it the right way. This means that instead of attacking the body fat, people are losing the lean body mass that we want to keep.

What is lean body mass? This is basically anything that is not fat. Meaning: skeletal muscles, organs, bones and the like. When you lose this lean body mass, you will see your metabolism go slow down, meaning that less fat is going to be burned. Even if you do lose weight, you will gain it back much faster which is why many people go on yo-yo diets.

When you look at The Fat Decimator System, you will see that it is designed to not only allow your metabolism to do its thing, but it works on resetting and increasing your metabolism so that your fat burning potential is at its best. The scale-focused diets often harm your body more than helping, and can slow your body down. Your body can even begin to attack itself if you are not approaching this properly.

Wondering if you’ve done one of these diets before? If you know what to look for, it is easy to know if you’ve participated in one of them before.

Do any of the diets you have followed have a lack of protein? Maybe these diets come to mind: Cabbage Soup Diet, Lemonade Diet, Hollywood Juice Diet, you know the ones! While you may be able to lose weight with these diets, you are also going to seriously mess up your body.

Instead of doing anything good, these diets actually mess up your whole plan. How do they mess it up? By slowing your metabolism! This means you are going to have a much lower ability to lose weight. You need lean body mass, and the more of it that you have, the better, because this means more calories that your body will be able to use up just on its daily functioning.

Where do you think that your body is going to get the protein that it needs if it isn’t coming from what you are eating? You’re right… it is going to get it from your skin, hair, nails and anything else it can possibly sink its hungry little protein seeking teeth into.

Now, you’re thinking.

Yes, it will also move on to more important parts of your body like your brain, liver, kidneys and more. You don’t want to go there. Your skeletal muscle helps you burn fat and now you are going to give it a diet that makes it attack that very part of you.

How do you know if you have already started to cause damage?

  • Losing hair
  • Hair that is less healthy
  • Reduction in pigmentation of hair
  • Fingernail and toenail ridges
  • Dry or flaky skin
  • Muscle cramping and weaknesses
  • Inability or diffculty sleeping
  • Nausea
  • Cuts and wounds that take a long time to heal

Do any of these things sound familiar to you or like something you have gone through before?

If you are experiencing any of these challenges, you should simply look at your protein intake and make sure it is the proper intake for your daily diet.

When you are deficient in protein, you may notice that these are very serious issues. You might be dealing with serious health risks such as gallstones, heart problems, organ failure and muscle deterioration.

As you can see, this is a serious problem that you don’t want to play with. The need for protein in your diet is not up for debate. When you get to the diet part of The Fat Decimator System, you will be able to calculate your true daily protein requirements.

With The Fat Decimator System, we try to put you through something like starvation and everything that is good about it (burning fat fast!). In order to do this, you
need to have your body depleted from carbs so that the starvation response will be trigged. This will get your body burning more fat for its energy needs.

While that is going on, you will sneak a good amount of protein into your body every few hours. There is no need to attack your lean body mass because the body is going to use this “easy” protein (eating protein) and turn it into glucose. This requires even more body fat to make it happen. The idea is to throw all kinds of things at the body so that it is forced to burn more and more body fat and this is what will allow you to experience super fat weight loss.


With all of the confusing information we receive about our bodies and what nutrients it needs, you probably think you need some things that you don’t, and think you don’t need some things that you do.

Nutrients, minerals, water and vitamins are needed by our bodies for optimal health and the ability to function. The human body is capable of producing thousands of nutrients in order to keep living.

Nonessential nutrients are the nutrients that the body makes itself. They are called this because the body is able to produce those nutrients itself and you do not need to go out and make sure that you put those nutrients into your body through the consumption of the proper foods. So it makes sense that the nutrients your body does not make on its own are known as essential nutrients.

What are some essential nutrients?

  • Water
  • Proteins
  • Fats
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
    You may have learned that you need carbs in other diets, but carbs, sugar, starch and fiber have been purposefully left out.
    Did you know that carbs do not
    provide any nutritional bene t
    to the human body AT ALL! In
    the coming section of
    The Fat
    Decimator System
    Report, you will
    learn more about this and when
    you get
    The Fat Decimator System,
    you will learn everything that you
    need to know about this topic to be able to blast away the fat and put it on a fat burning mission 24/7!


Most of the nutrients we consume as humans are fat, protein and carbs. When we understand the roles of each of these nutrients, we are able to take control of the way our body looks and what results we get.

In The Fat Decimator System, you will learn exactly how to make your diet work for you instead of against you. You will learn how our bodies gain weight and how to lose it as well. And how to do it in a manner that is healthy.


Protein is extremely important since it is the foundation of your body’s cells, organs and tissues. If you want muscles, skin, hair, organs and hormones, you need protein.

Yes, it is true that the body can survive without eating carbs ever again and even last for a long time without taking on more

fat. But when you deprive your body of protein, you will notice degeneration of your muscle tissue as well as your organs, and if this goes on for an extended period, you will experience death.

When you understand how important protein is to the body, you will be surprised how many people get most of their calories from high-carb diets. If you look at studies outside of the “recommended daily dose of protein”, you will see that the recommended daily dose is way below what we should be consuming. If you are exercising then you REALLY need more protein.

Proteins are made up of amino acids and there are just 20 amino acids that make up all human proteins. When it comes to these 20 amino acids, the body is only able to produce 12 of these on its own. This means you need to get the other 8 through the foods that you consume.

The essential amino acids that are not made by the body are as follows:

Lysine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Threonine, Tryptophan, Valine

In infants and small children there are two other necessary essential amino acids.

Where do we get these amino acids? We get them whenever we take in protein from sources like fish, poultry, meat and legumes. If you find “complete proteins” this means you will be able to get the amino acids from this source. The “incomplete proteins” are the ones that will only give you part of what you need in terms of amino acids.

Most animal proteins such as sh, poultry, meat, cheese and eggs are considered complete proteins. Vegetable based proteins are the ones that are usually incomplete proteins. Think of your legumes, nuts, seeds and grains. When you want to get the necessary amino acids through vegetables, you will need to make a combination of di fferent foods strategically.

Did you know that your body works a lot harder to process proteins than it does to process carbs and fat? What does this do for you? What are the benefits?

Your body receives less energy when it processes proteins than when it processes fats and carbs, so it reduces the amount of energy that your body receives. It also is slower to empty out of the stomach which means we are going to have the feeling of being full longer. While fat and carbs are stored in the body, it is believed that the body only uses about 50% of the protein we eat and eliminates the rest. This means your body will be getting what it needs and you won’t experience all of the weight gain.

A hormone called glucagon is released when you have protein in your meals. It works on slowing down the harmful effects of having too many carbs in your diet. How does it do this? By slowing the absorption rate of the carbs. New studies are also showing that when glucagon is released by the body, it stimulates fat-burning by freeing up your stored body fat in order to use it as fuel.

When we up the protein we consume and decrease the carbs we consume, we see a dual fat burning effect. We do also see that when the body does not have carbs to use to fuel the body, it begins to go after those nasty fat stores. You will also find that the glucagon release attacks the fat stores which insulin has been protecting. In The Fat Decimator System, you will get strategic information and instructions on how you can take advantage of both of these processes.

Let’s Talk About Fat…

We have all been told that fat is a bad thing. This is why most of us go for the “low fat” foods even though we know it is not going to help us in our quest for a better body.

Fat makes us fat, that makes sense, right? Well, it may make sense when you hear it said, but it’s not necessarily true. While fat is very calorie dense, it does not have the thermic effect protein does. Fat has only 3% and protein has 30%. This means when you consume fat you aren’t going to see a blast to your metabolism BUT fat on its own does not make us fat.

Fat is actually very important to many parts of the body. Yes, we can go without fat for a while, but we can’t live without it forever. We need EFAs AKA essential fatty acids. EFAs help us to burn fat that has been in stubborn storage on our bodies. When you listen to the information provided in The Fat Decimator System, you will learn how to get the right amount of these good fats so that you lose weight quickly and become healthier.

Fat Cells

Did you know that once a fat cell is created it never goes away?
The fat cells just continue to grow bigger and bigger until they are no longer able to hold stored fat.
What do you think your body does when they can’t hold anymore?
That’s right, it creates new fat cells in order to hold what doesn’t fit in the current fat cells! Even though we are stuck with these fat cells forever, we can take the ax to the fatty acids and triglycerides that are being held in the fat cells and that is what is going to make us look thinner.

Understanding that fat is the best fuel for your body, when we switch your body to using this better fuel, we turn your body into a fat burning machine.


It is true that carbs are the most common source of energy for humans, but did you know that not one carb is needed for humans to live? There are two different types of carbs – simple and complex.

Simple Carbs – These are known as simple sugars. Simple sugars are the sugars that are found in re ned sugars. Yes, those delicious cookies, candy and all of the other things you may be addicted to. You should also know that they are in fruit and milk as well.

Complex Carbs – These carbs are known as starches. Starches include grain products like cereals, pasta, rice, bread and crackers. They can be re ned or they can be left unrefined. When it comes to health, re ned carbs are less healthy than unrefined carbs. This is the case because the refining process strips away many of the vitamins, fiber and proteins. When you take in unrefined carbs you will get less of an insulin spike and this is why these are considered the healthier carbs.

Whichever one you choose to eat, you will still experience a spike in blood sugar. What you will learn is that these blood sugar spikes are the number one cause of fat we do not want.

Ok, don’t group me in with the conspiracy theorists, but you might want to know about what is behind the USDA Food Pyramid.

I’m not trying to get into politics or anything, but you should know the role this plays in our society becoming fat.

The USDA plays a big role in our country’s economy. When we look at the USDA Food Pyramid, it will dictate how much money we spend on certain foods

Yes, you see that it is recommended to us that we get over 2/3 of our nutrition from carb packed food. Bread, rice, fruit, vegetables, pasta and only a small amount from food with protein. Protein is the primary nutrient that keeps us ALIVE!

This should allow us to understand more why around 50% of US citizens are in the overweight category.

Here’s some great insight from Harvard School of Public Health’s famed article What Should I Really Eat? :

In the children’s book “Who Built the Pyramid?” different people take credit for building the once-grand pyramid of Senwosret. King Senwosret, of course, claims the honor. But so does his architect, the quarry master, the stonecutters, slaves, and the boys who carried water to the workers.

The USDA’s MyPyramid also had many builders. Some are obvious—USDA scientists, nutrition experts, staff members, and consultants. Others aren’t. Intense lobbying efforts from a variety of food industries also helped shape the pyramid.

According to federal regulations, the panel that writes the dietary guidelines must include nutrition experts who are leaders in pediatrics, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and public health. Selecting the panelists is no easy task, and is subject to intense lobbying from organizations such as the National Dairy Council, United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Association, Soft Drink Association, American Meat Institute, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, and Wheat Foods Council.


Did you know that Fiber is a carb? Even so, I decided I would put this section here since there is so much misinformation around it. When it comes to low-carb diets, fiber carbs are not counted in the “dangerous” weight-gaining carbs. Why? Because they cannot be digested by the body.

Because of this inability to digest fiber, there is no rapid rise in blood sugar like with other carbs. Even though this is true, there are two common beliefs about fiber.

Modern medicine says we should eat high fiber diets but then other medical research says fiber is the cause of some diseases and irregularities such as constipation, IBS, colon cancer and more.

One of the websites that talks about the latest research regarding fiber is called www.GutSense.org

If you take in fiber, it should be from vegetables and salad greens vs taking 30 grams like the mainstream medical community will tell you.

You may be taking fiber because you are worried about constipation. If you are, just drink more water and that will help you with your challenges in that area.


Our metabolism’s function is to provide the right amount of fuel when necessary to keep our bodies living and moving. How does it do this? Through a complex series of chemical reactions that converts food into energy that we need.

When we take in food, it enters our digestive tract and is broken down by digestive enzymes. Carbs are converted to glucose, fats to fatty acids and protein to amino acids.

Once the nutrients are broken down, they are absorbed by the bloodstream and carried to the cells of the body. This is when the metabolism either releases these nutrients to give us energy or uses them to build and repair lean tissue OR stores them to use later.

There are two metabolic processes. One is called Anabolism and the other is called Catabolism.

Anabolism is the constructive process which is responsible for building and storing energy for the body. It promotes growth of new cells, the maintenance and repair of tissues and the storage of energy, which happens to be in body fat most of the time. Small nutrient molecules are made into larger molecules of protein, carbs and fat.

Catabolism is the destructive process which breaks down nutrient molecules to release energy. It is responsible for immediately providing the body with energy to use. Instead of building it up, it breaks it down to release it as energy.

These two processes do not happen at the same time and Catabolism has three components:

1. Basal metabolism, also known as resting metabolism. This is what is responsible for keeping you alive as it ensures normal body functions. Even if you decided
to sleep in all day, basal metabolism would be at work and is metabolism’s main component with 60 to 70 percent of calories from the food you consume being used for this function. Those people that want to lose weight aim for a higher BMR!

2. Physical movement can range from wiggling your toes to actually getting a full workout on. About 25 percent of the calories you take in are used for this purpose.

3. Thermic efect of food indicates the digestion and processing of the food that is taken into the body. Depending on what you eat, it will take on average about 10%

of the calories that you consume to perform this part of metabolism. Now you can see our metabolism formula:

Calories From Food: Calories used by basal metabolism: 60-70% + calories used by physical movement (25%) + calories used for digesting food (10%)

What Messes With Our Metabolism

Everyone wants the magic formula for having a high metabolism, but there are many factors that go into your metabolic rate.

Genetics, Age, Gender, Lean Body Mass and Diet.

Yes, sadly genetics can cause you to be disposed to being fat but it can also be responsible for making you one of those “thin people”. Your age also plays a part. At age 30, your metabolism starts falling if you are a woman and at age 40 if you are a man. Men normally have about 10-15 percent faster metabolisms because of their larger muscle mass. Muscle has a lot to do with metabolism and that is why you will learn more about

it in The Fat Decimator System. Your diet can either help you or harm you in the metabolism part of things. Again, The Fat Decimator System will help you figure out what you need!

Your stress level will also affect your metabolism. The more stress you experience, the lower your metabolism will be. Hormones are another factor you need to keep in mind. Specific hormones metabolize specific nutrients so that directly effects metabolism.

Diet and stress levels affect the hormones that work on your metabolism as you will learn more about in The Fat Decimator System.

Hormonal disorders or imbalances can affect metabolism as well.

All you can do is accept the things you can’t change and work on bettering the things you can change.

Get The Fat Decimator System Today!


You have probably heard plenty of weight loss “experts” telling you the well-known: Eat less, exercise more and fat is gained because we eat too much fat.

These ideologies are known as Calories In/Calories Out and the Fat Makes us Fat theories. If you have tried these strategies in the past then you know they are completely bogus!

While it may keep things simple, it totally takes out how our bodies metabolize food and takes the easy way out by saying that overweight people are just eating too much, or they are lazy. This is not always the case.

What is forgotten?

Carbs Make Us Fat!

You may have heard that before as well, but you haven’t done it. The truth is that you need to greatly reduce your carbs if you want to see the results that you want. If you just can’t give it up for the next 3 weeks then you are just going to stay stuck in the same body you’ve been in, or you can spend hour upon hour in the gym working out and weakening your joints. Extremely low calories will also be required.

If you are serious though and want to burn 10 – 20 pounds of body fat in the next 3 weeks then follow The Fat Decimator and I guarantee that you are going to lose weight!

Keep reading and you’re going to learn why carbs cause us to get fat and you’ll learn how to make sure it doesn’t happen anymore.


The carbs we eat are the reason that we get fat. You have to accept this fact right now if you want to burn fat and become a lean, mean, fighting machine!

When your carbs go down, you are going to become leaner. That’s just the truth of the matter. On the other hand, increase your carbs and you’re going to increase your fat!

How Does It Work?

When we take in carbs (especially the sweet or starchy ones), our blood sugar spikes! When blood sugar increases it causes our pancreas to secrete insulin into the bloodstream.

The job of insulin is to bring our blood sugar back to normal levels. How does it do this? Through moving the sugar out of the blood and into the muscles, fat cells and liver. If you didn’t have insulin, this high blood sugar (known as glucose) would be toxic. This is why diabetics need to add insulin to their bodies, so they can stay alive and functioning.

We can be grateful to insulin for keeping us alive by alleviating high blood sugar levels that are triggered by eating carbs. On the other hand, we may not be so happy that insulin is problematic with our weight loss. Insulin is a storage hormone. It takes the carbs and puts them in our fat cells as fat. This means larger fat cells and larger us.

Not only does the insulin put fat into our fat cells, but it also puts the brakes on our body’s ability to burn fat that is in our fat cells. The more carbs you consume, the more fat is stored and kept from being burned.

There is no consuming carb-rich meals and having the ability to burn fat at the same time. It’s either burning or storing fat depending on what you are eating. Applying

this knowledge will give you the ability to get the results you need with The Fat Decimator System.

When you are eating carbs, you should keep in mind that for every gram of carbs that you take in, that is a gram of fat that your body is unable to burn. You will continue to get fatter because of this! Your body will not only store more fat, it also won’t burn fat!

Your body is constantly in need of energy. Whether you are moving, sitting, doing heavy exercise – ANY time – your body needs energy! Most of the time, we think that if we are doing heavy exercise our body needs energy but at other times it is kind
of just sitting there and not using energy. That’s not how it works. Our bodies are constantly working even in our sleep.

It’s up to you to make the decision of whether to have your body running on carbs
or running on fat. When you go through
The Fat Decimator System, you are going to see how to change from running on carbs to running on fat instead.

You probably didn’t know because we have all been told differently, but fat is constantly owing in and out of our fat cells (fatty acids), all throughout the day. This is because it is available to us for energy. While it should always be available, it is not available whenever your insulin levels are up, and as long as you are eating carbs, your insulin levels are going to be UP!

When we eat three meals each day and all is going well, your body is still going to get fatter because of carb-rich meals, and then leaner in between meals after all the carbs have been burned and the body starts burning fat because the carbs have been used up!

So, what is the problem? The problem is that when your blood sugar spikes and insulin is released into the system, your blood sugar is normalized within a matter of minutes. The insulin will remain in place to guard the bloodstream for the next couple of hours and this prevents fat being burn during this time.

Various cells in your body need fat. While they need fat, they may not be getting it and when they aren’t getting it because insulin is present in the bloodstream, you will notice that your blood sugar drops. When you have low blood sugar levels it tells your body that you are hungry. This means you are eating before those fatty acids can even be used! Most people then eat another carb rich meal, store away more fatty acids because of it and the cycle just keeps going and you keep the fat on your body!


When your fatty acids aren’t used up for energy, what do you think happens to them? I’ll let you in on a little secret – they head back to the fat cells, where they meet up with two other fatty acids and a glycerol molecule which makes what we know as triglyceride. Triglycerides are not your friend.

These nasty little guys are a serious problem because they are even larger than a fatty acid! They are so large
that they can’t leave the fat cells like other free owing fatty acids are able to. What do you think that means for your waste? Right… They get stuck in the fat cells! This is where you get your stubborn, stored body fat that we can’t seem to make go away.

In order to be broken down and burned for energy, triglycerides must be broken down into those smaller fatty acids
that are free owing. They need to be released back into the bloodstream. Now is it coming together why so many people have stubborn body fat that is sticking around?

Calorie intake can be reduced as much as you want but as long as carbs are being consumed, those triglycerides are going to stay in place. Now you’re probably wondering… HOW DO WE GET RID OF THESE BAD BOYS!?

That’s right… major carb restriction!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

CARBS = EXCESS BODY FAT!! Stop with the carbs and start seeing results.

You are probably thinking, why don’t I just starve myself? That will make me lose fat faster!

While you may lose weight really quickly by starving yourself, you are going to see that it has serious negative consequences on our lean body mass. What we really want is our body to THINK we are starving so it starts breaking down those triglycerides and burning the fat for our energy needs.

Since most of our fuel comes from carbs, when we stop taking in carbs, the body will be forced to fuel itself elsewhere. Since we are still taking in protein into our body, our body thinks we are starving but we still get to keep our lean body mass.

Instead of completing a process called glucogenesis the “normal” way, we will be able to still have it done but using the protein that we are taking into our bodies. Taking in less carbs increases our glucogenic activity and when we have glucogenic activity, it means we are unable to store fat because it needs all of the fat it can get to fuel the glucogenic process! Meaning that it requires a great deal

of energy and it is going to burn a lot of our fat supplies for energy.

This means that we are a fat burning machine!
Of course, the more hours our bodies can be fat burning machines, the better. When we have our bodies burning fat 24/7, we are going to see results quickly! Now let’s get it going!


We’ve already gone over the fact that the easiest and the fastest way to lose weight is to stop using dietary carbs for energy and start burning body fat. Once you stop using carbs for energy and start burning your body fat, you will see the weight melting o . Make sure you are still taking in plenty of protein because your body then has no choice but to start breaking down those stubborn triglycerides to release those fatty acids back into the bloodstream in order to use them for energy. This makes your fat cells smaller and that means you are smaller too.

You will be amazed at just how much fat you will burn when you restrict carbs from your diet. Keep in mind that your body has to have fuel
all day long! Every tiny detail of your body’s actions requires fuel. Blinking, thinking, walking, talking, all of it.

On The Fat Decimator System, you are going
to use nothing but stored, gross fat to keep your body functioning!

Shedding the pounds on The Fat Decimator System is going to be done through strategic eating. You’ll combine a reduction in carbs with eating speci c proteins and fats that are consumed in proper amounts at just the right times.

Just using the diet alone is going to produce massive weight loss. Add The Fat Decimator System exercise program and you will see almost double the weight loss and you’ll also notice that your body starts looking amazing!


Following The Fat Decimator System diet results in body fat losses of about 3⁄4 to 1 pounds of fat being decimated every day! When you add the workout to the diet, you will usually get over 1 pound of weight per day o . Seeing this type of progress in just a few days can be very exciting!

In people who stick to the diet
and don’t deviate from it, I have never seen one person that hasn’t dropped at least 10 pounds over the 21 day period. During my personal trial of this diet and before I actually put it out there publicly, I lost 23 pounds in only 21 days. It was absolutely amazing and I have been excited to share this information with everyone ever since.

The diet part of The Fat Decimator
is similar to a protein sparing modi ed fast because we are “tricking” the body to enter into 24/7 fat burning “starvation” mode but all the while we are providing it with protein that is necessary to spare the lean body mass. You’re also looking at the added thermic effect of digesting the protein. We have the carb restriction and the strategic protein consumption but we also have quality healthy fats so that we can enhance our fat-burning goals.

As we discussed earlier, carbs are not essential to the human body but we are unable to live without protein and fat. You may find this strange, but we could eat all of the carbs that we want and we could still die from starvation if we did not have fat and protein in our diet. Our restriction of carbs in this diet is because it immediately stops adding to the fat cells we have and it forces our bodies to start burning our fat for daily energy needs.

In the diet, we limit the fats to EFAs AKA essential fatty acids and the trace amounts of fat in the allowed foods. When we limit but don’t completely eliminate fat, it will force our bodies to burn the fat that is stored over using dietary fat for our energy needs.

Don’t forget that our bodies do need a certain amount of fat every day to maintain our bodily functions. It just doesn’t care where it gets the fat from. Your hips, butt, belly, thighs or your diet can all be fuel sources!


Keep in mind that your body doesn’t store protein like it does fat and carbs. The protein you are eating will either be used to repair and rebuild your body or it is going to be eliminated. It’s never stored as fat.

Give your body three hours and the amino acids taken from your last protein-based meal is no longer in your bloodstream. Now your body needs to seek out the amino acids it needs from your learn body mass. We don’t want that!

When you eat every three hours, this prevents your lean body mass from being eaten for lunch. Frequent eating also ensures your lean body mass stays intact and that your muscles aren’t being broken down for fuel. You want to keep as much lean body mass as possible so that you will have a faster metabolism.

You will also notice that these frequent meals help give a kick to the hunger cravings and the binge eating that often happens after going long periods without food. When blood sugar drops and lets you know that you are hungry, you usually don’t have the power to eat a smart meal. You are going to go right to whatever it is that you are craving. Don’t get to that point. You always want to have your meals planned.

Blood sugar levels are normalized by frequent eating and that keeps insulin levels at bay. This means fat burning vs fat storing! Never miss a meal. That is a big no-no with The Fat Decimator System. When you skip meals, your metabolism goes in the toilet and you put your body into a catabolic state. Again – NEVER skip a meal. Maybe it will seem annoying to eat 5-6 times in the beginning but you have to think about what it means for your body. Your body has to have these amino acids even when you skip a meal! Where do you think it is getting those amino acids?

If you want to pull o eating 5-6 times per day then you want to pre-plan your meals for each and every day. In the diet portion of The Fat Decimator System, you are going to learn “secrets” on how to preplan your meals for success. You will see a major metabolic increase when you follow this very important part of the system!


Almost every person that I run across is not drinking enough water. Drinking enough water for your body is absolutely essential for weight loss. If you don’t have enough water, you are not going to get the weight loss results that you desire.

Proper water intake helps the kidneys to work at full capacity and when your kidneys are working the liver does not need to help out. If your liver has to help your body then it is not going to be focused on metabolizing fat in your body. It cannot do its job as well as what we would need it to do.

While some people don’t like to count water weight, water weight is still weight,
that is often why you are bloated, and you notice your clothes are fitting too tightly. Remember that carbs are hydrophilic and this means they cause water retention. We do not want water to be retained! If you turn and look at protein, you are going to notice that it encourages water to be released from the body.

Restrict those carbs and you will start losing that stagnant water in your body. It just sounds disgusting, doesn’t it?

Drink the water. Avoid dehydration! Water is your body’s filter and flushes out dead cells and waste. When you are using The Fat Decimator System, you are going to need plenty of water to flush out the by-product waste of fat burning.

You are going to find that when you restrict the amount of carbs you eat and increase the amount of water you drink, your body no longer stores water and will start to use it properly. This means your body is going to be lighter and also cleaner.

8-10 glasses of water every single day will do your body good. That’s about half a gallon of water. This might seem like a lot of water to you in the beginning and you might have to force yourself to do this but it is very important. You will start to be thirsty again and thirst for this amount of water every day. Your body will stop retaining water and it will start flushing the nasty out of your body so that you can function properly.


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